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I’ve been able to give hope to other moms who have lost a child to suicide by giving them a Hope Pack. The Hope Pack provides Bible verses and prayers for anytime encouragement is needed. Anonymous

Hope Packs have blessed countless people in my community circles. I am a believer in the power of prayer and positive thinking, and the Hope Packs are catalysts of both. Through my therapy dog group, Comfort Canines, I love handing the Hope Packs to people I visit with at Clarehouse Hospice , and other places we serve. I carry them with me to give to someone in need…..a friend, a family member, a store clerk, cashier or stranger I meet. One of my favorite “hand offs” was a Hope Pack to a single, pregnant woman who teared up and said “Hope is just what me and my baby girl will need.” We ALL need hope. I am grateful these little packs are available to share. Charlotte/Comfort Canines

Thank you for sending the Hope Packs so promptly. I received one at Stand in the Gap Widows Banquet and plan to pass them forward to other new widows. Thank you for your ministry, Susan

My daughter is a suicide attempt survivor and so am I. She is going to do a dance solo for suicide awareness and her dance studio has given us permission to have resources available. I am hoping to get 200 of your Hope Packs for this. Sherry

I am the Project Director for the MSPI (Methamphetamine Suicide Prevention Initiative ) grant for the Otoe-Missouri Tribe in Red Rock, OK. I go to Health Fairs, Encampment Benefit Powwows, etc and set up a resource table for the public. The Hope Packs would be an awesome resource. We host AA Meetings as well. I would like 200 hope packs to hand out. Elaine

How do I get my hands on your Hope Packs. I recently had a friend attempt suicide, and we have rallied around her. I would love to send her one as an encouragement and a lifeline. Jaime

A friend shared a post for your organization. I’m a volunteer with the Crisis Text Line and would love more information. Alice

I work in Suicide Prevention at OKC’s Veterans Administration. I was given some of your Hope Packs and shared with my team. We were wondering if we could get more to give out to our veterans? Juanita / Veteran’s Administration

I gave some Hope Packs to our AA Counselor and he gave them to his AA groups. He was really grateful because he said the addicts needed hope. It is a struggle every day. I also went to the Southwest Regional Suicide Prevention Conference in Lawton, OK on Wednesday. I sat at a table with a lady that stood up and told her story. Her son died by suicide. Her 14 year old granddaughter died by suicide. Her grandson tried to kill himself a month after her granddaughter died. We stopped the meeting and gathered in a circle, holding hands, and I was asked to pray. After the meeting, I gave the lady one of the HOPE packs and my business card. We plan on staying in touch. These are such a blessing to many in need. THANK YOU, Elaine

I will keep giving out Hope Packs….I l.o.v.e. them! Robin/AFSP Oklahoma/Muscogee Creek Nation/Tyler Hudson Sonshine Foundation

My friend is a cancer survivor and she has 2 friends just diagnosed. She would like Hope Packs to give away. Angie