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4 faces of people who have lost loved ones to suicide.

We live in a beautiful, yet broken world.  At different times in our lives, all of us experience suffering.  Some of us experience more suffering than others.  And some of us can’t seem to find a way to break through our suffering to find the beauty in life.

When people start losing hope, they often fill the holes in their heart with a myriad of Band-aids, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, and pornography.  And when people lose all hope, and do not or cannot access the help they need, they sometimes take their own lives.

2 faces of people who have lost loved ones to suicide.

Suicide is an epidemic.  There is one suicide every 11 minutes.  America’s suicide rates are at the highest level since World War II, with a 33% increase from 1999 to 2017 alone. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)).  In 2017, there were 47% more suicides among people aged 15 to 19 than in the year 2000.   (CDC)

Over 130 precious lives are lost every single day.  130 people--suddenly gone—leaving a wake of grief and suffering for their family and friends.  Our hearts break for these people, and for their families and friends.  

The people pictured here are real.  They have all lost someone they love to suicide. The American Psychiatric Association reports that “[t]he trauma from a suicide loss is on the same level of trauma experienced by those in concentration camps.”   What if we could save even one life together? What if we could prevent people like these from the unprecedented grief survivors of suicide loss experience?

4 faces of people who have lost loved ones to suicide.
Linda Pulver

We live in a beautiful, yet broken world, where none of us are exempt from suffering. Thankfully, HOPE is and has been like life-giving, powerful oxygen to our family through times of suffering. 

My name is Linda Pulver. Since 2017, I’ve been the Director of HOPE IS OXYGEN.  I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I truly am married to my best friend – my husband of over 30 years. We have three adult daughters, a son-in-law, and three grandsons. Two faithful dogs share our empty-nest. We love and have a passion for LIFE. 

I have been in need of God’s life-Sustaining HOPE many times. For me, it’s been through these times that the HOPE God gives, and the HELP provided by a very Supportive Community, and Mental health professionals sustained me.

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Our Solution

At Hope is Oxygen, we believe we can help prevent suicide by working together to restore hope—to people at risk of losing hope, people pondering suicide, and to people who have lost loved ones to suicide. We are committed to reducing the stigma of mental health and suicide and to sharing the hope God gives.

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4 faces of people who have lost loved ones to suicide.
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Your prayers, distribution of our gifts of hope, and financial contributions are invaluable to us. Together, we can restore hope and save lives.

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